Friday, 13 March 2009

Students' college visits - Goldsmith's

Lots of colleges ... Queen Mary, UCL, SOAS, Birkbeck, Newcastle Uni, Nottingham Uni, Liverpool Uni, probably some others. This one was Goldsmith's... Goldsmiths University
Hiba Ayyad and Rawan Amria met a group of students from Goldsmiths University who were planning a visit to Palestine shortly. The meeting took place in the Students Union and was very relaxed with everyone discussing the students' issues in relation to the Israeli occupation and their harrassment and lack of freedom of movement to complete their studies. They were congratulated on their degrees, which had been obtained in such difficult circumstances, and the inspiration their struggle was to us all. Plans were discussed for future solidarity action. Hiba and Rawan were delighted to hear, and congratulated the students, on their successful Occupation of Goldsmiths University and the demands that had been made for Palestinian Scholarships.

The informality of the meeting and the shared interests and ideas for action enabled a friendship to develop between Hiba and Rawan and the Goldsmith students which we all felt was great. They looked forward to meeting up when the Goldsmiths students visit Palestine shortly. Hiba and Rawan expressed a desire for more of this kind of informal "get together" and felt that they had been able to make long term connections quickly in solidarity with their fellows.

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