Thursday, 12 March 2009

Really well done again to the Twinning Network.

The main part of the twinning network women's tour came to an end yesterday, and it has been another really amazing success, spreading awareness of the Palestinian issue to thousands of people across the country (thousands is no exaggeration) and involving new places in the idea of twinning.

Once again it has been the result of fantastic co-operation between people in twinning groups new and old, and it is very heartening to work with such great and positive people.

Of course, the women visitors themselves were great and people loved to meet them as people as well as as speakers. (And they were delighted by all sorts of things - as well as surprised by many and not so keen on others...)

These joint visits bring us all closer and push our work so much further too - and I would like to suggest that we have a think about doing the same next year: specifically, a twinning network visit in November at the time of the conference, and a women's one in March. We'll have to formally decide that at our next meeting, but from discussions today, several people, representing different groups, have started to think about this already - So please have a word with other people in your group and keep an eye out for the next meeting... (Can't remember when it is, very tired now, more on that soon) ... or send in your comments.

People's evaluations are coming in from all over the place - thank you! Do send in your comments of any sort, please

And people who were involved in it... before you forget... something for this blog please... and photos....

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